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Tradition (Witches)

  • Spells in the witch’s Tradition require line of sight and mostly inconspicuous gestures and incantations.
  • Witches must have contact with the ground (but they do not have to go barefoot; wearing shoes while standing on the ground or on a floor is permitted). Spellcasting suffers a penalty of 1 per yard of distance from the ground, with a maximum penalty of 8. While over large bodies of water, the surface of the water counts as ground. Buildings, towers, and bridges also count as ground.
  • When witch spells fail, witches must pay one third the AE (not half the AE, as with mages).
  • When witches feel strong emotions befitting the spell, they receive a bonus of at most 2 points. When their feelings are artificially dampened (with ilmen leaf, for example), or when they cast spells in contradiction to their feelings, they suffer a penalty of no more than 2.
  • Witches can work themselves into a frenzy of emotion for one or two combat rounds to gain a bonus of 1 per round, up to a maximum of 2. This requires concentration (see page 285) and a free action.
  • Witches can bind familiars, learn curses, and create Satuarian Tradition artifacts (such as flying instruments).
  • The primary attribute of this Tradition is Charisma.

Requirements: Advantage Spellcaster

AP Value: 135 AP


Publication: Core Rules page 278