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The Tradition of the Church of Rondra

  • No Fear: Characters with this advantage ignore the effects of the highest level of Fear they gain, and instead suffer the effects of the next lower level (they are still incapacitated at Level IV). For example, a Blessed One of Rondra with three levels of Fear suffers the effects of only Level II.
  • The Blessed One receives a new use for Self- Control (Stay Conscious), as follows: Blessed Ones of Rondra incapacitated by conditions can still make one attack or defense per combat round if they succeed at a Self-Control (Stay Conscious) check.
  • Blessed Ones of Rondra must adhere to their Church’s moral code (Principles)—see below. You must take this disadvantage if you want to play a Blessed One of the Church of Rondra.
  • Favored Skills: all close combat techniques, Body Control, Feat of Strength, Religions, Riding, Self-Control, Warfare
  • The primary attribute of this Tradition is Courage.

Prerequisites: Advantage Blessed One

AP Value: 150 AP


Publication: Core Rules page 318