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The Tradition of the Church of Peraine

  • When administering Minor Healing Blessings, recipients receive 2 LP instead of 1.
  • Resistant to Disease: Even if a disease check against the Blessed One is successful, the disease inflicts its milder progression. If the check fails, the Blessed One does not catch the disease.
  • Blessed Ones of Peraine must adhere to their Church’s moral code (Principles)—see below. You must take this disadvantage if you want to play a Blessed One of the Church of Peraine.
  • Favored Skills: Animal Lore, Carousing, Empathy, Fishing, Myths & Legends, Persuasion, Plant Lore, Religions, Treat Disease, Treat Poison, Treat Soul, Treat Wounds, Willpower
  • The primary attribute of the Tradition is Intuition.

Prerequisites: Advantage Blessed One

AP Value: 110 AP


Publication: Core Rules page 320