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Nature skills

Animal Lore

Use: Mimicry


Applications: Domesticated Animals, Monsters, Wild Animals

Encumbrance: Yes

Quality: the hero gains more information about an animal

Failed Check: the hero has no idea.

Critical Success: the hero has extensive knowledge of that type of animal.

Botch: you feel confident, but everything you think you know about the animal is wrong (you think an animal isn’t dangerous even though it is highly poisonous, or you believe it is herbivorous when it is actually carnivorous).

Improvement Cost: C




Applications: Saltwater Animals, Freshwater Animals, Water Monsters

Encumbrance: Yes (spearfishing) or No (fishing with weirs, nets, or hooks)

Tools: net, weir, spear, fishing line with hook

Quality: the fish are tastier than the average catch.

Failed Check: the fish don’t bite, or avoid the net.

Critical Success: the number of rations obtained is very high. For QL, competitive checks, and cumulative checks, SP = 2xSR.

Botch: the fisher falls into the water and loses some fishing equipment.

Improvement Cost: A




Applications: Below Ground, Position of the Sun, Night Sky

Encumbrance: No

Quality: the heroes learn their direction of movement more quickly.

Failed Check: the heroes don’t know their direction of movement.

Critical Success: the heroes find their way without trouble, even under the worst conditions.

Botch: the heroes lose their way and move unknowingly in the wrong direction.

Improvement Cost: B


Plant Lore


Applications: Crops, Healing Plants, Poisonous Plants, Plantbased Dyes

Encumbrance: Yes (for agriculture and gathering food) or No (for identifying plants)

Quality: gain more information about a plant

Failed Check: the hero doesn’t recognize the plant.

Critical Success: the hero knows everything about the plant, including special properties, and can preserve it to last double the usual amount of time.

Botch: the hero mistakes the plant for another plant, possibly one that is poisonous.

Improvement Cost: C




Applications: Bindings, Knots, Tie Nets, Splice Ropes

Encumbrance: No (maybe with a helmet or gauntlets)

Tools: rope

Quality: the bindings hold better and are more difficult to escape.

Failed Check: the hero’s knots are poor quality and easier to escape than usual.

Critical Success: the hero ties a very robust knot. For QL, competitive checks, and cumulative checks, SP = 2xSR.

Botch: the hero ties a knot that slips open in any situation. It won't keep anything secured.

Improvement Cost: A



New Application: Predict Weather


Applications: Build Campsite, Find Campsite, Make Fire

Encumbrance: Yes

Tools: survival gear, maybe a tent

Quality: the hero doesn’t need as much time to find or build a campsite.

Failed Check: the hero chooses a poor campsite. Regeneration Phases suffer a penalty of -1.

Critical Success: the hero finds a great resting place! Increase regeneration by 1.

Botch: the campsite floods or swarms with vermin.

Improvement Cost: C




Applications: Animal Tracks, Conceal Tracks, Humanoid Tracks

Encumbrance: Yes

Quality: perceive more details on the trail.

Failed Check: the hero cannot find a trail or doesn’t learn

anything new.

Critical Success: as long as a trail hasn’t been completely destroyed, the hero can follow it to its end and receive more information than usual, spotting deceptions (such as covered-up tracks) at once.

Botch: the hero mistakes the tracks and follows the wrong trail, perhaps meeting a dangerous creature or finding the wrong people.

Improvement Cost: C


Core Rules page 198