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What is the sum of 3 and 1?


Rules: Maimed renders many skill checks difficult or impossible. The GM has the final say, depending on the situation.

  • One-Armed: One of the character’s arms is missing at least up to the elbow.
  • One-Eyed: The hero is blind in one eye or has lost it completely. Ranged combat suffers a penalty of 4.
  • One-Legged: The hero has only one leg, or perhaps it has been amputated below the knee Halve the hero’s Movement base stat, even when using crutches or a simple prosthesis.
  • One-Handed: The adventurer is missing a hand.
  • One-Eared: One of the hero’s ears is missing or deafened. Perception checks based on hearing always suffer a penalty of 1.

Prerequisites: None

AP Value: One-armed: -30 adventure points; One-eyed: -10 adventure points; One-legged: -30 adventure points; One-handed: -20 adventure points; One-eared: -5 adventure points


Publication: Core Rules page 173