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Gaze into the Mind

Check: COU/SGC/INT (modified by Spirit)

Effect: You can read the target’s mind. You can see what the target is thinking at the moment, but cannot search through memories. The target can notice that something is amiss by making a Perception check with a penalty equal to the spell’s QL. If successful, the target can then make a Willpower check (with a penalty equal to the spell’s QL) to send out thoughts filled with misleading information, useless trivia, inner monologues, or song.

Casting Time: 4 Actions

AE Cost: 8 AE (casting) + 4 AE per 30 seconds

Range: 4 yards

Duration: Sustained

Target Category: Intelligent Creatures, Supernatural


Property: Clairvoyance

Traditions: General

Improvement Cost: C


Publication: Core Rules page Seite 291