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Fighting Stick


Effect: The target broom or other staff attacks a target of your choice at a distance of up to 8 yards (after casting the spell, both target and broom can move farther away from the witch). The broom is unbreakable for the duration of the spell and is considered a magical weapon that makes 1 attack per combat round. It cannot use combat maneuvers. Its stats are INI 12+1D6, AT 8 (+QL x 3), DP 1D6+3, MOV 12. If the broom kills its target before the duration expires, or the enemy somehow flees, it attacks another target at random within 16 yards (this might even be the caster). If no target is within range at that time, the spell ends. To grab the broom, you must make a successful attack with Brawling and the special ability Grapple (the broom/staff has PA equal to half its AT, Feat of Strength 10, and 14 in all relevant attributes).

Casting Time: 2 Actions

AE Cost: 4 AE (casting) + 2 AE per combat round

Range: 16 yards

Duration: Sustained

Target Category: Objects

Property: Telekinesis

Traditions: Witch

Improvement Cost: B


Publication: Core Rules page 290