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Blessed One of Rondra

AP Value: 283 adventure points

Prerequisites: Advantage Blessed (25 AP); Disadvantage Obligations II (temple, church) (-20 AP), Principles II (Church of Rondra) (-20 AP); Special Ability Tradition (Church of Rondra) (150 AP)

Special Abilities: Languages and Literacy totaling 8 AP; Skill Specialization Religions

Combat Techniques: Brawling 10, Swords 12, Two- Handed Swords 10, a combat technique from the following list 10: Chain Weapons, Fencing Weapons, Impact Weapons, Two-Handed Impact Weapons


Physical: Body Control 4, Feat of Strength 4, Perception 3, Self-Control 5

Social: Empathy 3, Etiquette 4, Persuasion 3, Willpower 4


Knowledge: History 2, Law 3, Math 3, Myths & Legends 3, Religions 6, Warfare 5

Craft: Metalworking 3, Treat Wounds 3

Liturgical Chants: The Twelve Blessings, Bless Object 5, Enforce Honor 6, Pain Tolerance 6, Protect the Defenseless 4

Suggested Advantages: Exceptional Combat Technique, Increased Life Points, Increased Spirit, Increased Toughness, Inspire Confidence, Mystic, Pragmatic, Rich, Rugged Fighter, Weapon Aptitude

Suggested Disadvantages: Personality Flaw (Arrogance, Vanity)

Unsuitable Advantages: none

Unsuitable Disadvantages: Afraid of…, Incompetence in Physical Skills, Sensitive to Pain, Slow


  • Honor (282 AP): Two-Handed Swords 11 instead of 10, Warfare 3 instead of 5
  • Salutist (295 AP): Warfare 7 instead of 5, Magical Lore 3 instead of 0
  • Traditionalist (295 AP): Self Control 7 instead of 5, History 4 instead of 2


Publication: Core Rules page 158