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What is the sum of 3 and 1?

Shark, Striped

Size: About 8 to 9 feet long

Weight: 560 to 640 pounds

COU 15 SGC 11 (a) INT 13 CHA 10 DEX 8 AGI 12 CON 14 STR 16

LP 40 AE - KP - INI 14+1D6

DE 7 SPI 2 TOU 2 MOV 13

Bite: AT 14 DP 1D6+4 RE short


Actions: 1

Advantage: Aquatic Creature

Special Abilities: Attack Weak Spot (Bite), Locked Jaws (Bite), Underwater Combat

Skills: Body Control 7 (12/12/14), Climbing—(no check allowed, striped sharks cannot climb), Feat of Strength 7 (14/16/16), Intimidation 10 (15/13/10), Perception 6 (11/13/13), Self-Control 7 (15/15/14), Stealth 8 (15/13/12), Swimming 10 (12/14/16), Willpower 8 (15/13/10)

Number: 1, or 1D3+2 (hunting group)

Size Category: medium

Type: Animal, non-humanoid

Loot: 140 rations of meat, skin (10 silverthalers), trophy (oil, 70 silverthalers)

Combat Behavior: Striped sharks prefer to hunt in shallow water, where they attack anything humansized and smaller.

Escape: Loss of 50% LP

Fishing (Saltwater Animals)

  • QL 1: Striped sharks are attracted to blood.*
  • QL 2: Striped sharks risk entering city harbors for the many things that fall (or are thrown) into the water for the sharks to eat.
  • QL 3+: Striped sharks are very aggressive and gather in small hunting groups to seek prey.

Hunt: –2

Special Rules

*) Drawn by Blood: Striped sharks can sense blood up to five miles away in the water, and follow this trail to find their prey.

Aventurian Bestiary, page 112