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What is the sum of 1 and 8?


Size: 2 to 3 feet long (not including tail); 3 feet (with tail); about 3 feet tall at the shoulder

Weight: 10 to 30 pounds

COU 12 SGC 10 (a) INT 14 CHA 12 DEX 13 AGI 13 CON 10 STR 11

LP 20 AE - KP - INI 13+1D6

DE 6 SPI 0 TOU 0 MOV 6

Bite: AT 12 DP 1D6+2 RE short

Claws: AT 14 DP 1D6+1 RE short


Actions: 1

Advantages/Disadvantages: Immunity to all serpent venom

Special Abilities: Locked Jaws (Bite)

Skills: Body-Control 5 (13/13/10), Climbing 4 (12/13/11), Feat of Strength 6 (10/11/11), Intimidation 3 (12/14/12), Perception 7 (10/14/14), Self-Control 6 (12/12/10), Stealth 6 (12/14/13), Swimming 4 (13/10/11), Willpower 4 (12/14/12)

Number: 1, or 1D3+1 (badger family), or 2D6+2 (burrow)

Size Category: small

Type: Animal, non-humanoid

Loot: 5 rations meat, fur (6 silverthalers)

Combat Behavior: badgers do not hunt humansized creatures. Badgers defend themselves when threatened.

Escape: Loss of 50% LP

Animal Lore (Wild Animals)

  • QL 1: badgers feed on worms, fruit, and small rodents. They do not consider humans to be prey, but they defend themselves when startled or threatened.
  • QL 2: badgers can sometimes be trained to carry loads or even pull sledges. Badgers hunt snakes and are immune to their poison.
  • QL 3+: Striped badgers are afraid of elephants. Snow badgers can be trained to pull sledges. The sweettooth badger can be pacified with sweet fruit or honey.

Hunt: –1

Special Rules

Pack Mule: Striped badgers can carry up to 20 pounds.

Aventurian Bestiary, page 93