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Annoyed by Minor Spirits

Rules: Each time the spellcaster spends AE, the player rolls 1D20. If the result is lower than or equal to the amount of AE spent, minor spirits appear and harass the spellcaster. The GM decides what kind of minor spirits appear, depending on the situation. Examples include windbags, which make the spellcaster’s hair blow around, tearlings that sit under the eyes, and firescuttles, which can heat or burn the spellcaster’s possessions. All skill checks suffer a penalty of 1 due to the minor spirit’s distraction. Even if you attract more than one type of minor spirit at the same time, the penalty does not increase. Minor spirits stay around for 10 minutes and then disappear.

Prerequisites: Advantage Spellcaster

AP Value: -20 adventure points


Publication: Core Rules page 170